Migrants Are Well Settled in New Zealand, Says Study!

According to a recent survey, over ninety percent of migrants in New Zealand lead a happy and satisfied life and they made the country their home after living there for eighteen months only. The Longitudinal Immigration Survey also found that overall new migrants to New Zealand adapt well and are very prompt in contributing to the country’s economy.

The Immigration New Zealand’s research was accompanied by a Department of Labor study of migrants who immigrate to New Zealand under the skilled migrant visa category. Thus, the results of the survey highlighted the contribution made by skilled migrants to the New Zealand economy. Reportedly, at the time of study ninety-two percent of skilled migrants were employed in the Kiwi land.

The country’s immigration minister appreciates the skilled migrants’ contribution to its economy. He thinks that adjusting and settling well is an important aspect of immigration on the part of migrants. According to him, overseas migrants play an important role in New Zealand economy and they contribute $1.6 billion per year to it.

The immigration minister is happy that New Zealand is attracting more skilled migrants. The new trend is positive and the best part is that migrants are productive and play a vital role in uplifting the economy!

The survey was started in the year 2005 and is likely to be completed towards the end of this year. The study interviewed 6000 new migrants who have obtained permanent residence in New Zealand.

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