Migrants Contributed to the 3M Population Rise in Britain!

According to reports, Britain has experienced a growth of several million people during the reign of the Labour Party, or precisely, over the thirteen years of their regime. The nation’s population grew by over three million, of which a majority is contributed by migrants. Now, the newly formed coalition government (Conservative Party and Liberal Democrats), led by David Cameron is trying to reduce the level of immigration to the level of 1990s. The government is thinking about having a cap on non-European immigration.

Of the three million people, immigrants account for the majority with almost seventy percent, as reported by the Officer for National Statistics. The number included the principal migrants and their children. Britain’s current estimated population is 61,398,000, which includes more than 1.5 million immigrants from India, followed by Pakistan and Bangladesh at 740,000 and 280,000 respectively. However, the real figures would be somewhat different, since the experts do not have the exact details of the migrants that enter the nation illegally. However, Migration Watch estimated that the nation has at least 1.1 million illegal immigrants.

Immigrant population in Britain has grown by 3,084,200 since late 1990s, or more precisely the year 1997- the year when Tony Blair-led Labour Party came into reign. During the first eleven years of the party’s regime, the nation has gained the aforementioned number of population. Over the thirteen years of their regime, the nation had experienced continuous rise in the number of immigrants.

In an attempt to lower the level of immigrants to the Britain, the new coalition government is considering a thought of having yearly cap for the number of migrants coming from outside the European Union countries to the UK to live and work.

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