Migrants Make Up a Large Portion of Australian Population!

Australia is one of those countries that attract the highest number of overseas flocks each year, be it for study purpose, business purpose or some other reasons. The statistics says the highest number of immigrants in the nation is from the United Kingdom, followed by China and other European countries.

Immigrants make up one quarter of Australia’s 22 million of total population. People from the UK comprise the largest migrant group in the nation. According to the statistics, British people account for more than 1.2 million of Australian population.

Australia also has a large number of migrants from New Zealand, reason being Kiwis are not required to obtain visas in order to enter Australia. Apart from British and New Zealanders, some other major immigrant groups contributing to the Australian population are from India, Vietnam, China, Philippines, South Africa, Greece, Macedonia, Netherlands, Indonesia, the US, Malaysia and Lebanon.

AS per the 2006 census, New South Wales boasts the largest immigrant population, including South Korean, Chinese, Iraqi, Lebanese and Fijian. With overseas-born population, including Italians, Turkish, Indians and Sri Lankan, Victoria is the Australian state with second largest immigrant population.

Besides, Western Australia has a considerable number of overseas-born settlers. The immigrant population in the state makes over 500,000. The state is second to New South Wales, when it comes to British settlers. Queensland with near about 700,000 foreign settlers proves as one of the most prospective states for immigrants. It hosts settlers mostly from New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

When we see the statistics of the immigrant population in Australia, it comes clear that the nation is one of the hot destinations among the overseas settlers, along with the US and UK!

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