Migrate Overseas via Entrepreneur Immigration Category for Quebec

Quebec is the largest Canadian province and is located in the central part of the nation. It is the only province in the overseas hotspot nation that has the largest French speaking population, and hence has French as a provinces official language.

The province is quite popular worldwide, and a large number of people who immigrate to the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ dreams of settling in Quebec, thanks to its strong economy which largely depends on its natural resources along with other growing sectors, such as information and communication technologies, aerospace and pharmaceutical industry. If you are an Entrepreneur and dream of Quebec immigration, you may consider an Entrepreneur Category especially designed for the candidates with Entrepreneur skills like you.

A Quebec Entrepreneur is broadly defined as a foreign national with a minimum of two years experience (within the last five years from the date of submission of your application) as a manager or owner in a legal profitable commercial, industrial, agricultural enterprise. He is capable of employing at least one Quebec Resident (full time), apart from foreign workers and the accompanying dependents of the primary applicant.

Entrepreneur Category for Quebec Immigration–Major Requirements

  • You must have a legal assets of minimum C$300,000
  • You must have a minimum experience of two years in running a business venture in the last five years, from the date of submitting your application, overall control of at least 25% of the total capital equity.

Below mentioned are the two distinctions:

1)         You must be able to run a business project: The primary applicant must submit a business proposal with the objective of either creating or acquiring a business venture (commercial, industrial, or agricultural) in province that will be completely managed by you or else you are a manager/operations partner on an every day basis. You must have a sole authority to control minimum 25% of the total equity share with a minimum value of C$100,000–either with your common law partner or spouse (accompanying).

2)         Acquisition of a business venture: You must have acquired a business venture of minimum 25% of capital equity in a business (commercial, industrial or agricultural) with a net value of C$100,000 in Québec either alone or with your common law partner or spouse (accompanying). You must manage the business venture either all alone or else you are a manger/operations on a regular basis.

Each appliction will be assessed on the basis of following factors

  • Age
  • Language ability
  • Nature of your job responsibility and your training period
  • Interpersonal qualities
  • Knowledge of the Quebec province
  • Ability to run the business venture or the various steps taken in order to acquire a business venture in Quebec

It is therefore notified that Quebec will receive total 150 applications for a ‘Quebec Selection Certificate’ under the Entrepreneur category between April 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016 any application submitted beyond the above stated dates will be turned down.

Applicants with advance intermediate knowledge of French language demonstrated by a test recognized by the Ministère can submit their petitions at any time, and are not subject to any cap restriction. Their petitions will be processed on a priority basis.

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