Migrate To Singapore with Work Visa!

To get the opportunity to migrate to Singapore would certainly open doors to possibilities. If you have been wondering how to move to the City-state, you can do so through the Work Visa given by the Singapore immigration body. The Work Visa is extremely a viable opportunity to move to the place. If you are planning for Work Visa, it is imperative that you should meet with the specific guidelines.

Singapore Work Visa Guidelines

Work Visa to Singapore is also called the Employment Pass. The Employment Pass has been specifically designed and given to executives and managers from other countries moving to Singapore on a permanent basis. In order to get recognized for executive and managerial post under the Work Visa, you should be earning roughly S$3,600.

Migrate To Singapore
Migrate To Singapore

The Skilled Visa has been divided into specific skill type for the mid-level workers. In case of the mid-level workers, the pass is called S-Pass. The S-Pass is given to those who are earning S$2,200/month. If you are applying under the S-Pass Work Visa, it is mandatory that you should meet with the specific guidelines as envisaged by the immigration department of the country.

In case of apprenticeship and training, you can easily use the apprenticeship and training EntrePass. The apprenticeship and training EntrePass will work for those individuals who are earning S$3,000. Such a pass is given to students and graduates who are in the nation on some study and training purpose, and they want to get associated with the training and development programme. The training and development programme should be at maximum for a period of 1 year. The programme should be in compliance with the specific standards of the economy internationally.

The individual, who are given the training and apprenticeship, should contribute to the growth and development of the Singaporean economy. Once the authorities have been satisfied with the application status of the apprentice, they can step ahead and give them real Work Visa, to continue with their contribution in the Singaporean economy for its quick growth and development.

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