Migrate to Australia as a Chemical Engineer!

Since 1954, the Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department has been providing the facility of permanent immigration to more than 7 million people. The overseas migration to this country, has contributed a lot in the social, cultural and economic aspects of the nation.

At the end of the World War II, a large-scale Australian migration program was started. During that period, millions of people in Europe were dislocated from their native lands. During that time, Australia was in an urgent need of labour force. However, there was a growing belief that significant population growth in the country was very necessary for the economic future of the country.

However, the immigration program of Australia after World War II has benefited the life of people in the country in several ways, such as:

  • Expansion of businesses and government services,
  • Introduction of labour forces, skills and capital in the country,
  • Development of business
  • Technological growth
  • Increase of productive diversity

Like the Australian citizens, the migrants to the country also have to pay taxes to the government and receive benefits and goods and from the Australian government.

According to a research, migrants provide more in taxes than they consume from benefits and goods and government services. Thus, migrants are generating surpluses for the government.

According to the CIC Australia, to certain extent the economic growth of Australia is due to the increase of immigrants in the country.

When it comes to population growth of the country, immigration plays a very significant role. The number of immigrants to the country is increasing day by day. Due to the unlimited employment opportunities, a large number of people migrate to Australia every year. Very recently, the Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department has announced its latest skilled occupation list where 13 new occupations are added.

Chemical Engineer, one of the popular skilled occupations in Australia requires a skill level equal to a bachelor degree or higher educational degrees. But, at least 5 years of experience in relevant field of work may substitute the need for formal qualifications.

The job of a chemical engineer involves preparing and designing provisions for systems involving chemical process, the operation and construction of chemical plants of commercial-scale nature, and overseeing industrial processing, besides production of goods being subjected to both chemical and physical modifications.

If you are presently working as a chemical engineer in accordance with the Occupation ASCO, then you could easily qualify for Australian immigration.

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