Know About Top Visa Categories & Migrate To Australia from India!

Migrate To Australia from India

Are you an overseas immigration inspired Indian and want to migrate to Australia from India? Well, you are not alone in your pursuit as a very high number of the overseas immigration motivated Indians love to migrate to the hotspot. They find the nation pretty fascinating, in terms of its world-class universities, wonderful weather, and excellent working conditions.

But there are many other reasons also that add fuel to the fire of immigration, and motivate many from this and other parts of the world to move to the exceedingly developed global economy.  For those not tuned in, the Australian economy is one of the largest mixed market global economies. Besides, Oz is the 19th-biggest importer and 19th-biggest exporter in the world.migrate to Australia from India

Coming back to the reasons for migration, numerous parents from Indi either send their children to Oz for higher studies or for settling there in. Some of the most reputed universities and research centres in the world are located in the Kangaroo Land even as Canberra offers scholarships to the deserving students and gives them a red-carpet welcome and top facilities to enroll for the different study courses offered by its superlative educational establishments.

A wishful migrant–who wants to migrate to Australia from India–should know about the various visas categories that allow hassle-free entry to the nation. Talking of classes, there are many immigration gateways wide open for the Indian candidates who wish to live and work in the Kangaroo Land. For all talented and wealthy Indians, there are Work Visas based on their skills and Investor & Business Visas for the rich and affluent Indians.

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

Let’s start with this visa. It is one of the most popular paths available to the candidates from India. It helps them in convenient crossing the borders on the basis of their skills. It may not be possible for all wishful Indians to grab the nomination from the territory, state, or employer.

Given this, the visa under discussion is a blessing. It allows them to migrate to the Kangaroo Land as the evaluation is purely based on the country’s well-known point based system run under SkillSelect. This is one of the most promising gateways to grab the PR in the nation followed by his family members.

In this particular visa type, an aspirant needs to select an occupation from the Skilled Occupation List (SOL), and based upon this, he needs to furnish Expression of Interest (EoI) online. If he is lucky enough to get selected, he will be invited to apply for visa within the established tenure of 60 days.

Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

This specific visa allows entry to all those applicants who have somehow managed to get nominated from an Australian state or territory. Under this specific visa type, the candidate requires furnishing EOI in the SkillSelect online immigration system.

Based upon the details submitted by him, he will get nominated from a state or government agency. He needs to furnish details like language skills, education, work experience, etc. He gets points on these and his minimum requirement is about 60 points that could help him move. He needs to apply within 60 days after receiving an invitation.

Business Innovation and Investment Visa (Subclass 188)

This visa category allows rich and wealthy Indians who wish to invest in the country and he need not require submitting EOI for this category.

It is expected that the Indians applying through this gateway are not involved in any type of criminal activities and this rule applies to their partner as well. Nomination from the state or territory is mandatory for this specific visa type. Those–who possess good moral and health and who are capable of adding on to the economy of Oz–can go ahead with this route of grabbing PR.

Now since you know about the different top visa streams available for Australia immigration, what are you really waiting for? Go for the kill! Your time starts NOW!

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