Migrate To Quebec With Abhinav…Here’s How

Step 1: Application

ABHINAV will prepare all government application forms/ required documents and submit to BIQ Hong Kong or the Montreal Office with the Quebec Government processing fee.

Quebec processing Fees (non-refundable) payable with applicant: CAD 15,000/- (Canadian Dollars Fifteen thousand only) for the entire family including Principal Applicant, Spouse and children below 19 years.

Step 2: Interview

If scheduled, the interview is the most critical stage- after filing of properly documented application- of the entire process. It is important to have a good immigration advisor on your side. He will provide you proper brief on the entire process. ABHINAV will also ensure that a Canadian attorney appears with you during the selection interview.

Investor must sign an agreement, which commits him/her to making a 100% guaranteed passive investment of $ 800,000. Quebec Government guarantees the return of the investment.

This investment is for a period of five years and the applicant must make this investment under an agreement with and through an approved financial intermediary. The deposit of CAD is returned to the applicant- without interest- after 5 years.

There are two payment options for the applicant:

  1. Applicant makes own total investment of CAD 800,000/- and gets it back, without interest, after 5 years. In such a case, interest foregone by the applicant becomes cost of acquiring the visa.
  2. The applicant can also opt for financing option offered by a financial intermediary. Under this financing option, the immigrant applicant gives a payment of CAD 200,000/- and the mandated financial institution finances the balance amount of CAD 600,000/-. No demand is made for any personal guarantee or collateral towards sanction of this loan. The financial institution carries out all required deposit formalities with the Quebec Government.

After loan is sanctioned and investment of CAD 800,000/- made by the financial institution, the applicant will not receive any return on maturity-after 5 years- of the deposit. Thus CAD 200,000/- becomes a non-refundable payment and the investor immigrant applicant is not required to make any payment other than the investment of CAD 200,000/-, which becomes – for all practical purposes- his cost and the single fee that covers all expenses related to the investment under the Immigrant Investor program. It covers his interest costs (on financed amount) for holding period of five years, legal fees, and security registration and redemption fee towards liquidating the transaction on maturity. For him the biggest benefit is that it frees his capital to the tune of CAD 600,000/- and he can use it for any other activity, including passive or active investments.

Step 3: Selection certificate

On confirmation of investment, Selection certificate will be issued to the applicant

Step 4: Final stage application for visa stamping

Applicant files the forms with fee as mentioned below, along with the selection certificate, with Canadian Consulate nearest to his place of residence.
Federal processing Fee payable after Quebec’s approval (nonrefundable)
Principal applicant (Investor) : CAD 1050
Spouse : CAD 550
Each child below 19 years: CAD 150
Federal Right of landing fee payable for Applicant and spouse
CAD 490 per person
* Landing fees are applicable to principal applicant and spouse (but not for dependents below 19 years) and are refundable should the visa be refused. All Government fee is subject to change without notice.

Eligibility For Migration

Quebec Immigrant Investor program to Canada

Net worth

Net-worth Investor must have a minimum net worth of CAD 16, 00,000/- acquired lawfully. This means fair value of all the assets of the Investor and spouse or common law partner minus the fair market value of all liabilities. Assets acquired through inheritance and gifts (provided they did not occur within six months prior to the date of filing an application) are acceptable to meet the minimum net worth requirement of CAD 16, 00,000/-

1 CAD = INR 50.00 (Approximately); Foreign exchange rate is subject to change and fluctuations at all times.

Management Experience

Investor must have at least 2 years of management experience* in the last 5 years before the date of application, acquired through a lawful business (agricultural, industrial, or commercial), a government or an international agency. Management experience, with respect to an Investor, means responsibilities and duties related to the planning, management and control of financial resources, and of human or material resources. Our experience in dealing with Immigrant investor applications indicates that majority of applicants who own and are managing an active business can comfortably meet this requirements as ownership gives them control over the finances, human and material resources. It is not required that the applicants experience is full time and the business being managed by him is profitable. This implies that professionals – like doctors and lawyers- who spend part of the day in practicing in their professions and are also managing their business enterprise are likely to qualify under this program.


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