Migration Advisory Committee Recommends Amendments in the UK Tier 1 Visa!

Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) recently reviewed the UK Tier 1 Scheme and following are the recommendations made for the same:

  • Applicants planning to migrate with a minimum educational qualification of Bachelors Degree should be eligible for UK Tier 1, provided they managed to get enough points and their previous earnings should be good enough for them to qualify under the category. At present, the applicants need a minimum Masters Degree to qualify for the same.
  • MAC recommends that “salary multipliers” should be reviewed.
  • Prospective applicants with previous annual income of a minimum of £150,000 should not go through any educational requirements.
  • MAC suggested that there should be an increase in the thresholds so that the applicants can get some relevant points for their previous income (no points for income under £24,000).
  • Professional qualifications should be applauded as equivalent to a Masters Degree.
  • Prospective applicants who are aged 39 or below should get necessary points.
  • The initial stay for Highly Skilled migrants should be reduced to “Two years” from the current “Three years.” If their employment falls in highly skilled category then, they may apply for an extension at the confinement of the two year span.

According to Immigration Minister Phil Woolas, the government will make its mind on the amendments suggested by MAC in the coming weeks.

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