Migration Figures in the Land of Kiwis up This Year!

According to reports, the permanent population of New Zealand has increased by a heavy margin. The main reason behind this increase is due to the increase in the level of immigration seen in this beautiful country in the month of July. As far as the overall increase in concerned, the hike is seen of 15,200 for this year.

The reports are taken from Statistics New Zealand. The department has also confirmed that the net as well as permanent and long term arrivals from people from different countries have seen a hike as compared to the annual average of 11,900. This statistics has been recorded for years starting from 1990 till the year 2009.

As far as the statistics are concerned, a net 16,500 people crossed Tasman permanently. This figure is for July 2010. This has been calculated after noticing departures of 32,300 people and arrival of 15,800 applicants. New Zealanders were the majority amongst these immigrants.

According to BNZ senior economist Craig Ebert, the problem lies in the fact that people usually default to the statistics which are taken on the annual average basis. Also, these people ignore the underlying month on month figures.

Also, there has been a hike in the permanent departures and a continuous trend has been witnessed in the same over the past year. But now it has tended to freeze with more and more people waiting for the outcome of global crisis. Elbert further said what they may be seeing at present is the stabilizing permanent arrival figure which indicating low levels, but not going in a negative direction.

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