More Jobs in Australia, Immigrants Needed by the Nation!

A boom has been noticed recently in the job market in Australia. This has made many question the restrictions being imposed by the Government of Australia which are focused on decreasing the current level of immigration to the nation.

It was noticed that in September, there was an increase in the number of people employed in Australia. This increase was about 49,500. This figure is more by about 2.5 times than the one estimated earlier. As per the figures, there has been a rise in those employed full-time by 112,500. This increase has been the highest in the two months in two decades. The last such increase was seen in 1988.

According to Craig James, a Senior Economist for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, permitting more number of immigrants to come and work in Australia would be vital in order to control the inflation. The constant supply of labor is a must in order to keep a check on the wage pressures as well as maintaining low rates of interest. This clearly means that more migrants are required by the nation.

With the new figures in place, it is time for the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to rethink her decision on immigration. Contrary to her predecessors, the current government decided to control the amount of immigration. In other words, the local population is being given a chance to grow. This means permitting the nation to let its own population increase by more than half in the next four decades.

However, it has been noticed that with the increase in the number of jobs, there has been a decrease in the number of foreign migrants coming to live and work in the nation. It was noticed that there has been a decline by twenty five percent in the net migration to Australia this year till 31th March.

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