More On Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa- Australia!

Even though Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa is issued provisionally for three years, the best thing is that it provides you the pathway to apply for permanent residency in the land of Kangaroos. But, before you set to apply for this visa, it is important to know about the criteria set by the Australian immigration for applicants in order to be able to migrate under this visa category.

Here are the criteria that needed to be fulfilled:

  • You must be under forty-five years of age.
  • You must have good English language skills or vocational English.
  • You must choose a particular occupation contained in the SOL. Skilled Occupations List consists the occupations that are in need in Australia.
  • Relevant authority must assess the nominated occupation.
  • Your skills and qualifications must meet the country’s standard in relation to the selected occupation.

When you meet these basic criteria, you can apply for the Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa. Even if you fulfill the criteria, but if no territory or state participating in the scheme sponsors your occupation, you cannot apply for this visa. However, once you know that your nominated occupation is one the list, you will need to have your occupation assessed and considered by relevant authority for migration. Obtaining sponsorship from a territory/state follows thereafter. Every participating state provides an additional sponsorship application form. Based upon points system, if you get selected for sponsorship by a state, you will have to lodge application with DIAC.

For more information on Skilled Regional Sponsored Scheme, consult an Immigration and Visa consultant!

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