Most Searched Travel Destinations In Google For 2023

Most Searched Travel Destinations In Google For 2023

The biggest search engine has named the top 10 destinations that people searched throughout 2023.

1️⃣ Greece – People have searched for sunsets in Santorini, restaurants in Athens, and beaches in Corfu and Island Mykonos, making it the Number 1 Most Googled destination.

2️⃣ Spain – The country hosts some of the best cuisines, beaches and beautiful landscapes. The country is blessed with gorgeous outback locations, windy roads, picturesque towns and lakes.

3️⃣ Italy – From the fashion capital Milan, nature’s gift Tuscan countryside, home of pizzas Naples to Europe’s most artistic city – Rome, Italy has a lot to offer

4️⃣ Portugal – People have looked to Porto for its rising culture of food, an archipelago of Azores and Europe’s most pocket-friendly capital city – Lisbon

5️⃣ Croatia – The Game of Thrones fans know Dubrovnik as the actual location of King’s Landing. Since then, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, and Plitvice lakes have become hotspots.

6️⃣ Cyprus – This Mediterranean country is a melting pot of cultures known for white sandy beaches, byzantine churches and the Rocky Mountains.

7️⃣Thailand – Known as the Bachelor’s Paradise, it is also home to 1,430 beautiful islands. Beyond Bangkok’s hustle and bustle, it offers a serene environment in Koh Samui, Koh Tao, etc.

8️⃣Egypt – Most Google searches were for Pyramids, but Egypt is beyond that. The rustic beauty of Luxor, ancient history, alleys of Cairo, and medieval city of Aswan.

9️⃣ Malta – This small Mediterranean island country is known for its beauty and has attracted many films and TV series such as Gladiator, Game of Thrones, and Troy.

🔟 Morocco – The destination is an underrated gem with the likes of the bustling city of Marrakesh, the iconic Casablanca, the vast Sahara desert, and the nature trail of High Atlas.

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