Motivated with Express Entry Canada 2015 for Skilled Workers? What You Need to Know!

If somehow or the other have you missed a chance to immigrate to your dream destination, Canada, also known the world over as the Maple Leaf Country– under the well-known and widely preferred Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), then you need not to worry as the apex immigration body, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), has launched the Express Entry Program for trained workers. And by now, many lucky applicants might have already received an “Invitation to apply”.

Main Objectives

For all those skilled workerswho are looking for an opportunity to immigrate to Canadaaccording to some reports, prior to the launch of the Express Entry Program, the CIC has announced that the Maple Leaf Country will give a red carpet welcome to roughly 285,000 new residents in the year 2015. And out of this, 63% will come under various economic programs, under the shadow of Express Entry Program. The scheme is launched with the key aim of successfully meeting the requirements of the Canadian Labor market.

Express Entry is less of a program and more of a system used by the CIC in order to select candidates for immigration to the Maple Leaf Country using the various economic programs, such as:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  1. a portion of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

How Express Entry may be helpful for Skilled Workers to get an easy entry to Canada in the year 2015?

Express Entry is essentially a modern and highly useful electronic program. The prospective immigrants create an online profile, and submit an Expression of Interest (EoI), stating the reason why they wish to immigrate to the Maple Leaf Country. If the candidate meets the criteria of one of the above economic programs, he successfully enters the Express Entry Pool. He will be ranked against each other as per the Comprehensive Ranking System (CSR).

The candidates will be collectively selected by the federal government, provincial government along with the Canadian employers, who will receive an “Invitation to Apply”, and will have 60 days to claim the cherished Permanent Residence (PR) in the nation.

Applicants–without a job offer or a territorial/provincial nomination–may register themselves with the Canada’s Job Bank.

What does Comprehensive Ranking System stands for?

It is the most important mechanism used for ranking candidates, on the basis of their human capital, based on various factors which help the concerned authority or the body to decide which all aspirants are eligible to receive an “Invitation to apply”. Under the system, each applicant may score up to 600 points for human capital, and an additional 600 points for a confirmed job offer or a provincial/territorial nomination.

Especially developed to cater to the specific needs of qualified or skilled workers, it is developed on a similar model first introduce in New Zealand, and later adopted by Australia. Express Entry Program is one of the fastest processing programs and it takes not more than six months to process the application. It may appear untrue but it is 100% true.

Some precautionary measures to be taken by skilled workers

The Express Entry provides an easy entry, and it has a transparent processing. At the same time, the program follows some rather strict guidelines, and any applicant found breaching them, is subject to severe penalty. So, the Express Entry aspirants need to be on their guard, and avoid all such activities which may invite the wrath of the CIC and other concerned authorities.

Further, if a candidate has declined an “Invitation to Apply”, he will not stand eligible to re-enter the Express Entry Pool for the next 12 months. And, those applicants, who provide false information or documents, are likely to be prohibited from entering the Express Entry Pool for up to five years depending upon the severity of the act.

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