Move to Australia with Skilled Worker Visa

Australia Skilled Worker Visa

SkillSelect Australia is one of the most useful online visa facilities provided by the Australian Government to help the skilled migrants to move to Australia in a convenient way. Oz manages migration through this way and the credit of hassle-free immigration goes to Department of immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) that looks after the migration process. Migration to the hotspot through the Skilled Worker Visa is one of the most used pathways to shift to the country.

Australia Skilled Worker Visa
Australia Skilled Worker Visa

Australia Skilled Worker Visa Categories

Skilled Independent Visa: This skilled visa category is for all those who are not nominated by an employer or state or territory. Independent Visa Subclass 189 allows the holders to work and live in Oz with the option to include one of their family members in the application.

The process under this category starts right with the submission of Expression of Interest (EoI) through SkillSelect and the applicants can do this either from inside or outside Down Under. The Skilled Independent Visa is for those who are less than 50 years and the occupation for which they are nominated match with the nation’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL). The applicants need to get their credential assessed by the relevant authority. If they possess enough language skills and funds, then they can make their way to the Kangaroo Land through this path.

Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190: Those who manage to get sponsorship from an Australian employer or state government can use this option for immigration to the nation. The visa allows them to settle and work in any part of the country. To successfully qualify for this category, the aspirants need to get 60 points under the point system for immigration.

One needs to submit the EoI through SkillSelect and get nomination from an Australian employer or a state or territory government. To successfully qualify for immigration, your skills must match with any of the skills mentioned in the SOL. You also need to meet health and character requirements for hassle-free immigration under this category. Your score should not be less than 60 points when assessed under the point system.

Skilled nominated (Provisional) Visa Subclass 489: Down Under allows its citizens to invite their family members to the nation. If an applicant manages to get nomination from his family member then this is the pathway which will help him land in the nation. An applicant can lodge his application either from inside or outside the country for visa and he needs to meet certain requirements.

For migration, the candidate need not be more than 50 years and the skill under which he gets nomination should occupy a valid place in the occupation list of the nation. He also needs to get his qualification and skills assessed by the governing authority. Plus, he should have the language skills to easily communicate with the residents.

You can also watch this video which explains you everything about the Australia Immigration.

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