Move to land of Kangaroos

Immigrating to a country that welcomes you with warmth is the best thing one can ask for, and that is exactly what Australia has offered. Right from the settlement of Europeans back in 1788, adding up to the Aboriginal culture of Australia, moving to Australia has shaped the cultural, social and economic identity of the island continent in myriad ways.

The gradual rise in multiculturalism and cosmopolitan diaspora has made immigration Australia a revolutionary phenomenon among potential aspirants who want to call Australia their new home. After all, this country blessed with natural beauty and stable economy sows just the right seeds for you to create a better and fulfilling life for you and your future generations to behold and cherish for years to come.

A lot of immigrants especially Indians have been moving to Australia, being the largest source of new permanent residents in Australia. Majority of the Indian wave is concentrated in the chief Australian cities of Victoria and Melbourne, with Indian immigration beginning right from the colonial era, as the first Indians arrived to Australia with British settlers who were inhabiting in India.

From the year 2004 to 2009, the Indian community in Australia doubled to 308,542, making it the second largest non-European group in Australia after Chinese born Australians. Most of them have created a better life for themselves by moving to Australia.

To settle here, all you need is an Australian PR visa that brings along with it benefits that accelerate the quality of living, making you feel a huge difference in all aspects between the life you had back in your home country and Australia.

Standard of Living

The world Happiness report of 2018, has ranked Australia as the 10th happiest countries amongst 156 other countries that were a part of this study that came to the conclusion that the happiest countries has the largest number of migrants.  This has been reiterated with the fact that Australia has been ranked as the second-best country in terms of the quality and standard of living as per a UN report that evaluates economic, education and life-expectancy data.


The Australian healthcare system also known as Medicare covers free and subsidized treatments by healthcare experts like doctors, eligible midwives, nurse practitioners and specialists. In some cases, Australia PR Visa holders are also granted subsidized medicines. As an immigrant moving to Australia can help you save huge healthcare bills, with Medicare Australia taking care of any health issues of you or your family.


With a large number of internationally acclaimed universities offering varies courses, Australia is the best place to pursue your higher education as a permanent resident. You will be pleased to know that they the government has curated certain education loans available only to Australia PR Visa holders. According to the Higher Education Support Act 2003, only citizens of Australia and permanent humanitarian visa holders can avail Higher Education Loans Program (HELP) and the related discounts for up-front payments.

Employment opportunities

With high paying jobs in certain high demand sectors, making it a haven for immigrants looking for career growth and exposure. With a work permit as a permanent resident you have the facility to work with any employer in any occupation. As a PR you can also get access to workers compensation and be a part of trade unions of Australia.

Australia, over the years has played a vital role in shaping the lives of many immigrants who move there with the hope of bright future prospects, with permanent residency being the cherry on the cake.

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