Mystery Man identified with the assistance of Immigration Department!

May 28 saw an unknown figure being hit by a train in Levin. Identifications went on but the clue for his identity remained unknown. He lost his arm and some part of his leg in the train accident and has been kept under strict medical observance under Palmerston North Hospital.

Recent reports say that “Alan” which is not his original name has been making a quick progress and making fluent speeches. Courtesy his coherent speech, he managed to utter out some names, which further identified his individuality through assistance from the Department of Internal Affairs and other aspects like searching the passport records.

The recent publicity has made the unknown man extremely famous amongst media personality and people from all over the world. Detective Brenda Kelly has confirmed that the man has been feeling truly specially and humbled at the behavior of everyone! He is not able to believe as to how so many people can care for an unknown stranger.

The detective confirmed that the man has asked her to thank New Zealand for showing up too much care for him. “Alan” was eager that his identity should be kept anonymous and police taken care of this facet, confirmed the detective. In addition, it has been stated by Alan that his falling was an accident and nothing to do with any individual.

Now the police and the Immigration department are locating his relatives who are speculated to be living overseas.

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