Nannies, Caregivers: Much Sought After Professionals in Canada

It’s no secret that trained nannies/caregivers are much required in Canada by the families wherein both the parents are employed, or they have been separated or divorced, or there is a handicapped member or a senior person above 65 years.

It’s also no secret that the–thanks to the superior quality of life and certain other equally important factors–the Maple Leaf Country boasts of a large number of senior people these days. Given this, the importance of nannies tremendously increases across the nation.

However, to get fruitfully employed, it’s vital that the nannies go through some conditions. Even the recruiters are expected to fulfill a chain of conditions. In case they are unable to do the same, they won’t be able to lawfully employ a nanny.

These not too difficult conditions guarantee that the interests of both the parties are suitably safeguarded and only the genuine professionals are recruited.

Requirements to be met by the Nannies

  • She must offer care for not less than 30 hours per week to the kids less than 18 years.
  • She should also give care to those who are above 65 years, or those who are disabled.
  • She has to stay & carry-out her duties even minus any direction in the house wherein she may be expected to offer care.
  • She has to cater to the conditions as advised by these two–Immigration Canada and Human Resources & Skills Development Canada.

Conditions to be guaranteed by the recruiter

  • He should make certain that the involved individual is in a position to read, speak & comprehend either of these—French or English. The nanny must have fluency in any of these even as she ought to be in a position to converse fruitfully.
  • He should guarantee that the caregiver has concluded her high school learning even as the same must be comparable to the national standards. He should also ensure that the nanny has duly concluded a permanent training of six months or has been involved as a permanent nanny for not less than 1 year inside the previous three years. Inside the said time, the caregiver ought to have done a job for the same recruiter for not less than six months for the same recruiter.
  • A caregiver is permitted to work for not more than two authorized recruiters. Though one submission serves the object, it’s essential that both the recruiters cater to the requirements for employing a caregiver.

Summing-up, if you are a skilled nanny/caregiver, and wish to work abroad, you must seriously mull over Canada immigration.  The ‘Land of Milk & Honey ‘awaits you.

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