Nearly All Canadians Do Not See Any Connections Between Immigration & Terrorist Fears, Claims Survey

As per recently published federal polling details, those who backed a proposal to usher-in 25,000 refugees from Syria to the country in a matter of months mainly expected no augmented dangers whatsoever of terrorism consequently.

Nearly 44% of those studied in November supported the plan even while of them roughly 60% thought there would be no change at all to the terrorism danger facing the Maple Leaf Country in the coming six months. But, 35% of the respondents who didn’t support the plan were concerned, and 55% of them notified pollsters that they believed the danger of terrorism in the nation would head north in the coming six months.

In general, the results allegedly suggest that while people across the globe may directly find a connection between immigration and terrorist threats, that’s normally not what is taking place in the country.

The telephone poll of the 1,512 nationals of Canada was reportedly done just prior to the Liberals divulged how they would fulfill a campaign pledge to resettle 25,000 refugees from Syria by the close of 2015. Though the plan they started kept the goal, it took the date back to February, 2016. The survey also came post a terrorist attack at a nightclub in Paris associated with Islamic terrorists.

According to a concerned person, it is odd for the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to ask open questions on terrorism in a poll about attitudes towards immigration since terrorism is typically an issue for public safety.

He added that when the immigration authorities utilize the same, the pollster is suggesting a likely connection there, despite the fact that it’s being rebutted by a large number of individuals. Actually, the previous Conservative Government had signed the 83,486 dollar contract for the poll, for the yearly tracking of outlooks towards immigration.

However, an IRCC spokesperson stated, post the election, that the questions were repurposed. She added that it was vital to review the attitudes of the nationals towards security and terrorism in the backdrop of the existing global atmosphere and the pledge to resettle a huge figure of the refugees.

She also indicated that there were several media reports citing security fears involving the processing of the Syrian refugees who exemplified the requirement to get a superior sense of Canadian positions & fears.

The questions weren’t asked another time in a second round of polling on the thoughts toward Syrians carried-out the following January. Those results put forward Canadians’ embrace of the Syrian refugees in point of fact increased over time.

The November study discovered 44% of those asked supported the resettlement plan even as by January that figure had jumped to 53%. The review discovered that of those against the plan, 15% cited security fears as their major reason. By January that figure had headed south to 7%.

In the two studies, the primary ground for supporting the scheme was identical: the same was the correct stand to take.

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