Nebraska People Joined their hands against Illegal Immigration!

People of eastern Nebraska city of Fremont have given their approval and supported to stop the crime of illegal immigration in the country.  About 57 percent voters have joined their hands in support of the latest proposal taken up by various communities to fight against illegal immigration. The step taken by these communities is going to be expensive and will require long legal procedure inside the court as the American Civil Liberties Union will try to stop it even before its Implementation only.

In the town of about 25,000 people, the population of Hispanics has grown considerably since last two decades because of jobs availability at the Fremont Beef and Hormel meatpacking plants nearby to that place. The city also suffers from low employment rate of around 4.9 percent which equals to the unemployment rate of Nebraska. The legal citizens of the town have a reason to frown and worry as the jobs are going to illegal immigrants causing low employment rate for legal residents. The local people have given their signatures in a ballot measure to fight in the Nebraska Supreme Court for their rights.

But those who are opposing it say that this measure could give rise to an atmosphere of racial discrimination .But it has nothing to do with racial discrimination as its only aim is to prevent illegal immigration and allow only legal citizens to reside in the city, as well as in the US. It’s not legal to employ or rent any illegal immigrant because it takes away the opportunity from legal immigrants and citizens who deserve it. This is important that the country resources are utilized by the legal citizens and this could be achieved by passing an ordinance. The issue can give rise to unnecessary controversy if racial discrimination will be dragged into it. After all it’s all about living with fair means and every one must follow the same rules.

The population of Hispanics (both legal and illegal) residing in Fremont have grown from only 165 in 1990 to 1,085 in 2000, as revealed by census expert David Drozd at the university of Nebraska. The new measure will make it mandatory for renter to apply for license to rent and if they will be found renting someone illegally, then their license would be cancelled for forever. In fact, the business people also have use the E-verify database to make sure that they employ only legal citizens. This could create awareness among the people that they should not encourage illegal immigration just because of small profit or business benefit.

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