All You Need to Know about Denmark Immigration

The Kingdom of Denmark is, perhaps, one of the most attractive European countries. Very often the nation has been ranked as the happiest country in the world. Danes, the local citizens, enjoy a high standard of living. The country is among the most popular immigration destinations of the Nordic region even as it is also a favorite destination for the migrants worldwide.

This Nordic Country is famous for dazzling places to visit, local transportation, well-built infrastructure, peaceful environment, and wonderful professional opportunities. The cities are lively and amiable. Beaches are soothing and crystal-clear. Since decades, immigration to Denmark has been an easy process. The country offers excellent education and employment opportunities to eligible applicants. The immigration policy of the country is flexible. It invites both students and workers to study and work.
Denmark Immigration is possible through various ways:

The Danish Green Card: It allows an applicant to migrant only if he successfully scores 100 points on the point system provided the applicant meets the eligibility criteria such as language skills, work experience, qualifications, and age. The applicant also must have a health insurance policy and sufficient funds to prove that he can support himself and his family while searching for a job in the nation.

The Positive List: It consists of a number of professions currently experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals, and if the applicant has received an offer in one of those professions, in that case he has an easy access to the Danish labor market and is entitled to obtain a Danish Visa.

The Pay Limit Scheme: It gives an easy accessibility to the flourishing Danish labor industry to the applicants who have been provided a job with an annual pay above a particular limit.

The fact is that only a Permanent Residence Permit opens new gateways for an immigrant. Post approval, an immigrant can help his/her family to migrate to the dream destination and if the applicant is a student with a Danish educational institution, he can help his family members to migrate to the European country.

The whole process of Denmark immigration can easily be bifurcated into two different types–whether an aspirant is applying for a permanent residency from outside Denmark or from inside the nation. Once the submission is filled, the application is submitted to the Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment which handles the visa applications for Permanent Residency.

The basic rule is that the residency is obtained by an applicant while he is out of the country and still intends to migrate to Denmark. However, the same can be applied while being inside the immigration hotspot when a candidate is already residing in Denmark on other visas, like Student Visa, Work Visa, etc.

If a candidate intends to migrate to the beautiful country from his native country, his petition can easily be submitted at the Denmark Embassy in the applicant’s native country. The processing time for a submission is between one and three months depending on the type of visa a candidate has applied for.

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