New Applicants to Quebec Take Advantage from English Speaking Community!

According to a new study, it has been observed that the English-speaking communities of Quebec play a critical role in assisting the new comers who some to Quebec and help them integrate well in the society. The communities play a great role in making them understand the know-how of Quebec and in general the life of Canadian culture.

According to QCGN (Quebec Community Groups Network) Past-president Robert Donnelly, communities of these sorts have a long custom of integrating and supporting the new applicants who come to Canada. Also, considering the fact that a majority of people have an English speaking background, it is expected that these communities are involved in the process of helping these people and take care of the diversity involved with the same.

It has therefore been suggested that the country should come out with more and more efforts to enhance their immigration network and assist the newcomers with more such programs in the coming future

Also, there should be ample financial support from the CIC side, so that the demands of the communities are assessed in a perfect manner. It is required from the side of Canadian government to come out with different policies to assist the newcomers, considering the importance this facet of immigration holds to Canada.

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