New Book on Immigration Launched in Germany!

A new book on immigration issues is being launched by a leading Banker in Germany. This banker was known to have led to an outrage amongst the Jews and Muslims for his comments pertaining to stereotyping them. This has come about amidst calls pertaining to his removal from the board of the federal bank.

The remark made by Thilo Sarrazin was that there is the same gene when it comes to all Jews. With this, Muslim migrants in Europe are not ready or not capable for mixing with the societies in the west. Sarrazin has been working for the Bundesbank in Germany.

This comment did not go very well and had come along with the launch of the book named as Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab which means Germany Abolishes Itself. As per book, immigrants have not contributed to the system of welfare in Germany but have taken more from it.

According to Chancellor Angela Merkel, discussion should be carried regarding the dismissal of this banker from Bundesbank. The Muslim and Jewish communities have also expressed strong disapproval of his remarks.

Above all, it has to be understood that when it comes to immigration, each nation looks into its economic benefit. So, immigrants alone cannot be blamed for this. After all, these migrants are the ones who leave their native state to contribute to the economy of a particular nation.

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