New Canadian Visa Application Form!

There is always something happening ion the world immigration front. Regulations and laws are implemented in countries every now and then. Mostly, immigration rules are introduced for the safeguard of a country’s community. And when these are implemented, citizens of other countries or other nations do not seem to be pleased with the new rules at the time. But, then it is done for the sake of the country’s security.

Recently, there is one new visa rule that has been implemented by Canada is facing criticism from country like Russia. Canada is getting its new visa application form, where the country is asking applicant’s for sensitive information on their military service. According to the country, the purpose behind implementing the rule is to eliminate the visitors who are not admissible to the country. Visitors with intention to enter the country have been questioned regarding various aspects, like their military, security and political activities in the past, which can determine whether a person is admissible to Canada or not.

Russia has criticized Canada’s new visa application form and alleged that it would make the visa application process tougher for Russians, which may even arouse Russia to implement reciprocal measures. As said by the spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Andrei Nesterenko, the new visa form covers more than traditional criteria. He also added that this rule is likely to make the visa application process for Russian tougher!

According to sources, the information required by the new Canadian visa application form is unlawful as far as Russians are concerned. It is unlawful for Russian citizens to reveal the type of information they are required to fill on the form. The new form asks applicants to provide details about their military service/background, such as where their unit is located, as well as the name of the commanding officer.

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