New Changes Canada’s Immigration Program – Eliminating Backlog of Old Skilled Worker Application

The newly amended Canada immigration program is clearly focused to enhance its economic growth by including various factors – eliminating backlog of Old application filled under the skilled worker category is certainly a praiseworthy step that deals with those applicants who applied under the said program before February 27, 2008, as it is becoming a major obstacle on the way of satisfying the growing demand of Canada’s labor market.

Such applicants will not be entertained any more, entitled to get refund fees and close application – a great decision that will help the country to focus on the new talents, indeed according to the need of growing economy. As per the recent Economic Action Plan 2012 – the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) is fully concerned for reforming the immigration plan to deal with the most deserving applicants to meet the demand of labor market by allowing them to work for a limited period of month.

Elimination of the backlog is expected to help the CIC in its wonderful approach to provide wonderful support in grabbing various opportunities to those applicants who enter the country after satisfying the recently proposed eligibility criteria. However, the new changes of elimination of backlog old application is likely to affect on 280,000 applicants – will get their full application fees by the CIC.

On the contrary, those applicants, approx 20,000, successfully satisfied the eligibility criteria, will be entertained by CIC – decided to continue their application process.

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