New federal skilled worker program: a fleeting look

The much-talked about new but somewhat controversial Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program, which was momentarily shut down by the incumbent Citizenship & Immigration Minister during the month of July the last year, has not been thrown wide open for the common applicants under the avatar of the new federal skilled worker program.

The said program–which was closed for the general aspirants to apparently improve and overhaul the same & do away with a mounting backlog of nearly 280,000 persons who had submitted applications for the Canadian permanent residency prior to February—has become available once again from May 4, 2013.

Reforms to the FSWP points system are allegedly based on a big body of research, which has constantly established that expertise in language & youth are two vital issues in the economic growth & success of the aliens. The target of the overhauled selection conditions is to advance economic outcomes through choosing the aliens who will be in a position to contribute to the national economy in a comparatively more rapid and fruitful manner.

According to the concerned organization, i.e., the Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC), the changes will also boost the nation’s Economic Action Plan 2013, via developing a rapid & flexible immigration structure whose key priority is catering to the country’s economic & labour market requirements.

Among these amendments is the introduction of the Educational Credential Assessment, so that overseas skills are duly assessed on the basis of their actual value in the nation, in the process, making certain that the new migrants may come-up with a superior and better decision, prior to shifting.

Further, every fresh petition will be duly processed inside 12 months. As per as the immigration ministry, the earlier backlog for the said program was allegedly on its way to a 15-year-wait time by 2015 with more than 1.5 million petitions in the backlog.

New Federal Skilled Worker Program Prerequisites

The program will choose the candidates on the basis of their skills to do well economically in the country even as post catering to the eligibility conditions, the submissions are duly evaluated against selection prerequisites, widely called points-system. As many as 100 points are obtainable on these key parameters: language skills, age, education, experience in job, work already arranged in the country, & adaptability. The aspirants are expected to garner a bare minimum of 67 marks to make the cut.

Those filing petitions post May 4 via the new federal skilled worker program ought to know that in case their submissions do not cater to the conditions, their submissions will not be processed. All future aspirants must make certain that they fulfill not less than one of these prerequisites:

  1. They possess a minimum of 1 year of uninterrupted employment experience in any of the 24 entitled vocations;
  2. They possess a qualifying offer of job which is arranged; or
  3. They are qualified to file visa petitions, via the PhD class.

In a situation wherein the prospective candidates are sure that they fulfill a minimum of 1 of these conditions, they ought to also fulfill the bare minimum language threshold & get an educational credential evaluation done (in case presenting an overseas educational documentation).

New Canadian federal skilled worker program is wide open now even as the aspirants may file a visa petition successfully, if they cater to certain fresh conditions as suitably decided by Immigration Canada.

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