New Immigration Portal For North Bay!

The Canadian city of North Bay is introducing a new online portal that would give prospective immigrants intending to go Canada necessary information about North Bay and its immigration process. All overseas immigrants to Canada would have access to this immigration information portal. This will guide them at all stages of the immigration process.

Now collecting information about immigration and settlement services, as well as other resources in North Bay is just a click away. All you immigrants need to do is to enter the website and you will have all the information you have been looking for. If you are intending to immigrate to North Bay in the near future, then you are lucky to have this website. It will assist you all the way, right from the applying for a visa to settling down in North Bay.

The inception of the online portal is part of Ontario government’s strategy to attract more overseas talents to the state, thereby helping the state in its economic development plans. Ontario’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister, Michael Chan said that their economy needs more overseas skills and talents. The government is hoping to attract the international talents in order to strengthen Ontario’s economy. Indeed, the website will come in handy for newcomers and assist them during every phase of the immigration process.

The website basically focuses on the resources that are specific to North Bay. It also provides information regarding the city’s Immigration Attraction and Retention programs. The portal was launched on January 11, 2009.

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