New Introductions in Canada Immigration TFWP Makes LMO Difficult

Canadian government has introduced large scale changes in temporary foreign worker program w.e.f. July 31, 2013. New incorporations are being seen as move to prioritize various skilled migration programs with permanent residential permit. New Introductions have been planned with stringent stipulations which will make local employment giving concerns to hire people who have entered country on basis of permanent residence permit initiatives under federal and provincial schemes

Changes will have widespread impact on working procedure of TFWP scheme and it will embrace all areas of assessment defined to gauge qualifications and capabilities of people filing for provisional entry work visa. The areas that will bear the direct impact include

  • Linguistic compatibility evaluation has been prioritized in the new draft policy and the people applying for the provisional work permission will have to justify their language compatibility in either of the official languages of Canada i.e. English or French, although, the employer can substantiate requirement of any other language other than the official languages of the country
  • The government has substantially revised charges for the LMO and now the applicable levy for the LMO will be CAD 275 for every post in any of Labor Market Opinion requests. The review has been effected to help authorities to pay for evaluation of the requests for LMOs and also ensure that Service Canada get sufficient resources for efficient and effective management of the scheme
  • New request form kit of labor market opinion will carry comprehensive questionnaire that will require explanation and justification from employers regarding appointment of overseas workers. This move is being envisaged as a measure to ensure that entry of workers of provisional arrangements does not dampen the opportunities for nationals and permanent residents. Besides this the employers will have to furnish precise record of contract between company availing services (including the comprehensive description of premise of expertise required and number of Canadian nationals or PRs employed in the project in question)
  • The Canadian employment concerns will have to furnish details of overseas workers who entered through LMO waiver schemes and are currently in employment

It’s exactly true that New Introductions In Canada Immigration TFWP Makes LMO Difficult because the new advertising procedure for seeking overseas expertise has also been changed substantially and now the employers intending to file for labor market opinion will have to

  • Publicize job post for atleast 4 weeks before filing request for labor market opinion
  • Ensure that advertisements carry comprehensive details of employment offered and continuously appear on provincial/territorial/national Job Bank until clearance of market opinion request
  • Make use of atleast 2 recruitment techniques in line with the standard hiring procedures

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