New List Of Priority Occupations In Canada FSWP 2013

Finally the much awaited news of Canadian immigration lights up the immigration horizons and bringing to close a period full of apprehensions doubts among the migration enthusiasts. New List Of Priority Occupations In Canada FSWP 2013 was duly released by honorable minister of immigration Mr. Jason Kenney in Ottawa on April 18, 2013.

Some of the salient features of the new announcements made in this release include

  • The tabulation that has been made public includes 24 professions
  • The profession codes have been allocated an annual quota of 300 places per code. The cumulative number of places for the first year of the new immigration initiative will not exceed 5000 requests
  • ECA i.e. academic accomplishment assessment has been made obligatory for all people filing their requests thereof and the assessment will be carried out by the 4 agencies deputed to carry out the assimilation process
  • Linguistic substantiation in one of the official languages of the country at par with the predefined Canadian standards i.e. CLB 7 (in all 4 areas of linguistic skills) has also been enforced as one mandatory step

As per the sources the aim of CIC and minister is to maneuver the Immigration system of country smartly that can enable the authorities to respond meticulously to demands and aspirations of the local labor pool.

The indications straight away point at the fact that government is in no mood to

  • Permit entry of unsuitable people in the country
  • Repetition of incidences of creation of backlog

One more thing that may possibly be in the offing with the limiting of the numbers to merely 5000 annually is the government’s intent to give system a flexibility that can be adjusted on yearly basis so as to respond to the current issues of structural labor deficit in the domestic labor pool. On an overall the government has kept its promise of “Making the immigration system responsive and sensitive” to the requirements of local economy and just “In time process” for the migration aspirants. As per minster this will also go a long way in improving the reputation of the Canadian Immigration.

The migration probables whose professions feature in the New List Of Priority Occupations In Canada FSWP 2013 must start preparing for their impending plans of filing their requests for relocation to this North American country after May 04, 2013. You can approach us for comprehensive support and services.

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