New Quebec Skilled Worker Priority Occupation List 2015 Has More to Offer

If you ask, is Canada in the charts this year; in that case, it is very much on the platter is something that would echo. New realms are unfolding in immigration rules and regulations in the overseas hotspot, and under these, many dreams are finding the wings to fly and reach this country. In the Maple Leaf Country, two new things have happened subsequently–one is the introduction of Express Entry and the other, new amendments in the Quebec immigration.

This year, Quebec is not less dynamic than Canada when it comes to transforming their immigration. This highly populous province has introduced new amendments. So, if you say that what these new Quebec skilled worker priority occupation list 2015 can do for you, it can definitely help you move to this province and relive your Canadian dream. There are new realms opened for skilled immigrants, and if you are representing science or managerial background, then you would multiply the probabilities of moving to the province by manifolds.

If you had faced tough times in the past while immigrating to Quebec, you would be compensated in the best way this time around. With the revamp of the immigration system, you could easily move to the Canadian province under the new system.

Take a look at some of the conditions that this system lays!

  1. This system is not strict regarding job offer, so you can easily move to Quebec even without a job offer.
  2. The Quebec immigration is for any people, and it is not confined to any region or continent. Any person can apply, provided they possess those skills that can help you to get recognition in the province.
  3. In the Quebec, if you have moved, then you can also apply for permanent residence, and once you get this, then you can have similar status that of the US Green Card holder.
  4. The system followed by Quebec for immigration demands very few credentials, so it asks for more time to be invested. You need to put in 14-18 months for getting everything streamlined in the best possible way from the scratch.

Now, some people may ask that why the new Quebec skilled worker priority occupation list 2015 is a better option than Express Entry. You must first understand that Express Entry is more strict and rigid in comparison to Quebec immigration laws. You need to adhere to a great deal of parameters while moving to Canada under its rules and regulations.

But, when it comes to Quebec immigration programme, you always have the leverage. Under this scheme, you are not required to reveal any funds that are required to sustain life once the applicant moves to this place. At the same time, when you are moving under Quebec immigration programme, you are not required to submit your IELTS score instantly at the time of the immigration. You can easily do that after several months of the application for immigration. So, you get flexible immigration option when you move to Quebec.

The new Quebec skilled worker priority occupation list 2015 has more than what one can ask for while facilitating the movement.

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