New Silver Fern Visa Proposed!

The National Government is planning to introduce New Silver Fern Visa in the year 2010. The visa was first proposed by New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and is meant for highly skilled migrants who planning to migrate to the land of Kiwis.

Jonathan Coleman, Minister of Immigration stated that the country requires more and more career-minded people who are willing to choose New Zealand as their long term destination.

He further added that Migration is an economic enabler and helps a country like NZ to enhance its business international connections in a major way. It is all about matching the right skills with the economic needs of New Zealand. The new visa will allow the migrants to seek employment in New Zealand for a span of nine months ( under the Job Search Permit) after which they would get eligible to stay in the country for two years (Two Year Work Permit) and apply for the Permanent Resident. It is mandatory to meet the requirements under the Skilled Migrant Category.

The Programme is initially limited to 300 places for people who come between the age group of 20 to 35 years. Therefore, it is advised to take guidance from an Immigration consultant as soon as possible.

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