New Skilled Occupation List Australia 2012

Australia skills finally revealed a new skilled occupation list that is to be taken into consideration by skilled workers who are keen to immigrate to the Commonwealth of Australia.  The new list will come into effect for those who are planning to immigrate to Australia under General Skilled Migration Program.

Following the new skilled occupation list Australia 2012, the applicants will be issued visas easily, only if they get sponsorship either by territory or state government. The new list has been prepared by including four new occupations and eliminating four existing occupations.

Added Occupations – New Skilled Occupation List Australia 2012

  1. 133513 Production Manager for Mining
  2. 263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer
  3. 234912 Metallurgists
  4. 251411 Optometrist

Removed Occupations – New Skilled Occupation List Australia 2012

  1. 333411 Wall and Floor Tiler
  2. 234211 Chemist
  3. 331111 Bricklayer
  4. 252711 Audiologist

The idea for removing four occupations from the new occupation list came after noticing a huge unemployment or lower growth rate in such occupations.

Indeed, going through a new occupation list is much necessary for all intending applicants applying for an immigration visa under General Skilled Migration, which allows an immigrants to access the Australian soil even if not get sponsorship from employers.

The applicants must be having skills in those occupations that have huge demand in Australia and also have excellent command over English. If you are between 18 and 50 years and good in speaking and writing English, you are certainly eligible for applying General Skilled Migration program.

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