New Skills Assessment Requirements For Australian Visas!

Starting form January 1, 2010, applicants under certain visa subclasses are required to go through new skills assessment done by the relevant assessing authority as suitable for their nominated occupations. Prospective immigrants applying under the below mentioned subclasses are bound to have their skills assessed as per the new changes:

  • Skilled- Independent (Subclass 885): Basically a permanent visa, this visa is issued to people who have skills and work experience to be able to migrate to Australia. An individual can apply for this visa only if he/she is already in Australia on a valid visa. It also requires the applicant to be in the country at the time of granting the permit. A Points System assesses this visa. To be very precise, the applicants are required to gain minimum 120 points to be eligible to obtain this visa.
  • Skilled- Sponsored (Subclass 886): In order to be eligible to obtain this visa, an applicant should have sponsorship from a family member or relative already living in Australia or from the government, either state or territory. A Points System also assesses this visa, where minimum of 100 points should be obtained in order to pass.
  • Skilled- Regional Sponsored (Subclass 487): With this visa, an individual can further apply for a permanent Skilled-Regional Visa after he/she has resided in Australia for a period of two years, and in addition engaged in full-time work for one year in a specific regional area. A minimum of 100 points is required to gain by the applicants in order to obtain this visa. The particular visa category replaced the two of the subclasses, viz. 495 and 496 in the year 2007.

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