New sub stream in Subclass 408 for temporary residents in Australia

Amid Covid-19 outbreak and chaos around the world, Australia Immigration has come up with a unique sub stream to extend the stay of the Temporary Residents in Australia. These residents are travelers, temporary workers, and seminar or event attendees in Australia. Due to the outbreak, many countries have closed the borders, leaving these temporary residents stranded in Australia with no means to return.

To fight this dilemma, Australia introduced a new sub-stream under the Temporary Activity Visa Subclass 408. Under this stream, Covid-19 outbreak is added to the ‘Australian Government Endorsed Events’ that will permit all the Temporary Visa Holders to remain in Australia till the outbreak and restoration is concluded.

The prompt response from the Australian Govt. shows the people friendly governance and compassion towards the people. This measure was widely acknowledged by the residents in Australia

What is the Temporary Activity Visa Subclass 408?

The Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408) is short-term visa that permits the individuals and groups to enter Australia for a short period of time to attend an event or activity. Below are the sub-categories:
• Special Program
• Religious Work
• Research activities
• Invited for other social and cultural activity (Invited Participant)
• Sporting Activities
• Entertainment Activities
• Superyacht Crew
• Exchange Arrangements
• Australian Government Endorsed Events*

Under new measure of Australian Govt., COVID-19 is now appended under the Australian Government Endorsed Events.

Who can apply for the subclass 408 visa amid Covid-19?

All the temporary visa holders can apply for the subclass 408 visa, but you must be able to meet below mentioned clauses:
• You must be in Australia.
• Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, you are unable to return to your native country
• You are currently associated with healthcare, childcare, and agriculture sector in Australia.
• Your temporary visa has expired or about to get expired within 28 days

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