New U.S. Flight Security Rules Creating Tensions

As far as the new US guidelines are concerned, it would become mandatory for the Canadian airlines to provide personal facts about the travelers intending to fly over the country to the government of United States.

According to Chantal Bernier, who is the assistant privacy commissioner in Canada, United States has the authority over its sky space; hence things are not in Canada’s limits. Now Canada is concerned about the latest U.S. security rules which would breach the privacy of the passengers traveling via Canadian airlines. The parliamentarians affirmed that there is nothing that Ottawa can do about the recent security measures implemented by the U.S.

According to the flight policy, the condition demands that suspicious passengers (including the Canadians) can be barred from boarding their planes which fly over the United States. However, planes flying between Canadian cities are barred from the conditions.

The privacy information include name, date of birth, along with their itinerary information and other details linked with the passport documents. Also, Bernier clarified that the information can be further used for other aviation security purposes and hence there are chances that the information might be disclosed also.

He said that all they can do is to ask the government of the United States to make adjustments to its program to maintain the privacy of its Canadian residents. He said that unfortunately they don’t have any authority to bring changes to this law.

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