No More Survival of Unethical Immigration Consultants in Quebec!

Quebec is one such concerned province in Canada that has recently rolled out a few regulations to the immigration consultants. This concern is for the potential immigrants who want to migrate to Canada. In an effort to discourage the unlawful immigration consultancy practices that have been cheating on many prospective immigrants, the provincial government of Quebec has recently announced what are the guidelines that from now onwards immigration consultants in Quebec should stick to.

As per the recent regulations proposed by the Quebec government, immigration consultants must clear a test and they have to register with the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants. Besides, they should have a clean background in this practice and fair knowledge of French language and should be residents of Quebec.

With this implementation, a public database will also help people identify which immigration consultants are accredited by the provincial government and those who are not recognized. The new guidelines for the consultants clearly indicate that the Quebec government will no more accept illegal immigration consultancy services that would deter prospective migrants from entering Canada. The government made it clear that all services will have to obey the guidelines, else they will have to stop their practices.

In appreciation of the guidelines, the Canadian federal government showed its keenness of implementing similar actions. However, the government is yet to reveal when it’s going to make this happen in the future!

The steps taken by the government of Quebec are undoubtedly commendable. Since, cases of cheating people by false or dishonest immigration consultants are common in many places. Hope, other countries and places would also take such steps in the near future and let lawful consultants provide services!

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