No Option Ruled Out for Immigration Measures!

The air has been cleared by the Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney regarding the reports of certain measures catering to the asylum seekers have been dropped. He termed these reports as being false.

The above came about after reports came about that the government has considered as well as rejected what has been known as the Mass Arrivals Plan. As per this so-called plan, the passengers on the ships most of whom were asylum seekers would be detained for two weeks without a hearing. This would permit more time for the police and other border officials to investigate.

Despite the minister pointing out clearly that all options are being considered, it is no doubt that a debate continues at the cabinet table regarding the restrictions to be maintained it comes to future refugee boats. As per the sources, the cabinet is divided between those who believe in implementing tougher measures and those who prefer to keep it a bit easy.

On the other hand, when it comes to many polls which were conducted, the local Canadians are not in favor of these passengers to live in the nation. Seeking solutions to this problem, Mr. Kenney had visited Australia recently to examine how the nation was dealing with such problems.

As per Kenney, the government of Australia has come about with partnerships with other nations which are key transit points when it comes to operations of human smuggling. However, he refused to divulge into what measures Canada would take. At the same time, he said that Canadian immigration is completely based on the rule of law. So, the measures would be such which would make it clear to the human traffickers that the nation would not approve of any form of their laws to be exploited.

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