North-East Man Wants Assistance from the Minister in Reuniting Family for Christmas!

UK: A man from North-east has appealed the Immigration minister asking for aid to rejoin with his kin before Christmas. Ray Clyne, 59, the man in concern, belongs to Carron Gardens, Stonehaven. He faced parting from his spouse and her nephew in Nigeria six months back after they were denied the right to live with him in the UK.

After the overturning of the decision, it has been hoped by the man that Minister Damien Green would grant his kin to reunite with him before the arrival of Christmas.

He wrote in his letter to the minister that he is requesting him to ask the early clearance office in Nigeria to speed up the process so that they can celebrate the festival together.

He went on to write that it would be a great gift for him and his family if they get the clearance for the same. His only fear is the slow process of the immigration authorities, which would lead to almost 12 weeks before the kin could actually be rejoined together.

In his letter, he has mentioned that his spouse and nephew faced brawl from certain armed robbers in Nigeria, hence mentioning the harm they may face if they go on to reside in their home country. Although, no physical harm was faced by the family during the brawl.

Although, no official comment has come from the side of Immigration minister, immigration experts believe that the kin might not be able to reunite before Christmas.

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