Not Many Seekers for the H1-B Visa

The US H1-B visa is one of the most sought after visas for the Indian professionals working in the IT sector amongst all the visa programs offered by the United States. The United States being a popular destination with the immigrants, it makes sense to have qualified immigrants to come and serve in the country. This would mean gain to the economy of the nation.

This year, only thirteen thousand five hundred applications have been received by the United States. This is in the first week of its acceptance. The total annual cap for this visa is sixty five thousand. This clearly states the lack of jobs in the United States.

The USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) started accepting applications from 1st April 2010. This is for the fiscal year of 2011 which begins on 1st October 2010. As per the details, only a third of the applications have been received this year compared to that of the previous year.

In the previous year, around forty two thousand applications were received when thousands of professionals had been fired from their jobs. This was under the quota of sixty five thousand under the Congressional mandate. However, this year was limited to only five thousand and six hundred applications for those in the category of advanced degree.

Also, in the previous year, the mandated cap was reached with the first two hundred and sixty five days. In 2008, the same was oversubscribed on the second day itself. Similarly, it took thirty days to complete the cap under the advance degree category.

However, to ensure that the limit is touched the USCIS might select petitions on a random basis. Also, those petitions which have been submitted by employers (those exempt from the cap) who had earlier been counted under the cap in the last six months would not be counted again.

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