Nova Scotia Occupation In-Demand Stream for Permanent Residency

The Atlantic province of Canada, Nova Scotia has recently unveiled a three-year Occupations in Demand pilot project program that may lead to permanent residency. The stream aims at attracting intermediate-skilled jobs in high demand occupations in Nova Scotia. This way the province will be able to welcome overseas workers who have some relevant experience of working in specific occupations.

The Nova Scotia Occupations in Demand is one of the popular streams in Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), operated by the provincial government of Nova Scotia. Through Nova Scotia PNP, the province can invite and nominate skilled overseas professionals who wish to migrate to Canada based on eligibility criteria decided by the province. Applicants who are nominated by the province are permitted to move to Nova Scotia along with their family members permanently.

With the launch of Nova Scotia demand List stream, the provincial government can target more skilled workers and invite them to make their valuable contributions “in high labour market demand” occupations. The latest pathway also intends to help businesses in Nova Scotia to recruit foreign workers and address the labor shortage needs of the province.

“We recognize the significant economic contributions immigrants make to our province and expect the changes and new Occupations in Demand pilot to help more businesses prosper.” said provincial Immigration Minister Lena Metlege Diab.

Initially, the program will run for three years, during which there will be significant changes in eligible occupations as well as targeted professions depending on the provincial requirements. Currently, the target occupations are nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates (NOC 3413) and transport truck drivers (NOC 7511).

What are the eligibility requirements?

The Occupation In-demand Stream for Nova Scotia Canada PNP is only available for candidates who have a permanent job offer from an employer in Nova Scotia. The job offer must also be related with occupations that are currently in-demand in the province or categorized as Skill Level C as per Canada’s NOC list.

To recruit a foreign national, the Nova Scotian employer must demonstrate that no local talent in available to fill that vacant job position, hence, they have to hire a worker overseas. This can be done by obtaining an LMIA, or by showing the advertisement of job vacancy being posted three times in Canadian job boards constantly in the last four weeks.

Other eligibility requirements for Nova Scotia Occupations are:

• Applicants must demonstrate minimum one year of relevant work experience related in the nominated occupation;
• Have a valid job offer from an employer in Nova Scotia. The offer must be full-time or permanent;
• Candidates must be between 21 to 55 years of age at the time of apply;
• Must have a high-school diploma;
• Have gained necessary skills and training for the job offered;
• Prove language ability equal to Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) Level 4 even if your first language is English or French;
• Must be committed to live and work in Manitoba; and,
• Demonstrate sufficient source of finance or funds to successfully settle in Nova Scotia.

The employer who intends to recruit an overseas skilled worker must have an active business operation in Nova Scotia in the last two years. The employer must be registered with Nova Scotia’s Registry of Joint Stock Companies, and be of good standing with the provincial occupational health and safety and labour authorities. In addition, the employer must confirm to provide adequate support to the applicant selected under the Occupation in-demand category during Nova Scotia immigration process.

The provincial authorities have also confirmed that candidates will go through credential assessment process, wherein their work experience and transferable skills will be verified through letter of references and other employment specific documents.

Selected candidates will be awarded a provincial nomination certificate, which they can utilize to apply for a permanent resident Canada.

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Other Key Changes in Nova Scotia PNP

In addition to Nova Scotia Occupation In-demand Stream, the province updated two of its entrepreneur immigration streams- 1) the Entrepreneur Stream and, 2) the International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream.

The Entrepreneur Stream will be now open for applications from existing business owners and allow them to count operating expenses as well towards the required minimum investment.

The International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream will make some changes to its ownership requirements. Under the stream, candidates aspiring to start a business in Nova Scotia are no longer required to claim 100% ownership, instead 33% would be sufficient.

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