Number of Applications Rising & Canada FSW 2013 Progressing Fast

If you give this year’s Canada FSW 2013 a miss then we can call it your destiny, because this year holds special significance for much touted Canadian immigration federal skills migrant scheme. Prior to initialization of the new edition of federal skilled immigration program, migration policy of Maple country was marred by various technical issues. A long waiting line of aspirants was a habit and several thousand migration aspirants had been waiting endlessly for judgment on their applications from authorities of this North American nation.

The things seemed to be going in suspended animation for all parties. The officials and CIC were overloaded by pending files and the piles had been building up incessantly and the migrants on other hand were having nervous moments. Finally the call of rescue was heard by the Canadian government and it initiated a plan of assessing and reviewing the erstwhile Canada FSW policy.

After carrying out extensive research of various aspects and deliberations with different components of Canadian economy, the authorities finally drafted a plan of instituting  large scale modifications in the then existing FSW rules and regulations.

The new policy is not only  a refined version of older policies, which is objective and discreet in its approach but it also promises a fast processing and delivery of results within the shortest possible time. These factors have added credibility to otherwise slow functioning Canada FSW program.

The program was suspended temporarily and reopened after a year in 2013 May. The reopening of the federal skills migration policy was greeted with enthusiasm by the waiting migrants and they started placing the Applications for Canada FSW.

As per the latest updates received by us, the things seem to progressing a very fast pace and many of the slots allocated for 24 occupational codes have already been booked. Under current situation trade codes like 0211 – Engineering managers, 1112 – Financial and investment analysts, 2147 – Computer engineers (except software engineers/designers) 2174 – Computer programmers and interactive media developers, and 3142 – Physiotherapists have already hit the annual number sealing for the current year edition and no more Applications for Canada FSW 2013 will be registered under these codes.

There is a Rise in Applications for Canada FSW 2013 for important other codes. 2134   Chemical engineers have registered requests for 47% of slots, 60% of slots for 2263 – Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety have been booked. 70% of places have been booked for 3211   Medical laboratory technologists.

The total number of requests filed For Canadian skills migration program stand at around 3100. We can easily see Number of Applications Rising & Canada FSW 2013 Progressing Fast. If you do not want to miss the bus this year, then you should approach us to speed up your request placement process.

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