Obama Administration Takes Arizona Immigration Law to Court!

Reports say that the Obama administration is all set to take the issue of Arizona’s immigration law to the court. The administration hopes, the court would determine whether the controversial law pose threat to the nation’s federal immigration enforcement authority, as well as immigration policies or not.

For the uninformed, Arizona had recently passed a very cruel immigration law which prevent the migration of illegal immigrants, specially the Hispanics. However, the legislation also aims at putting a curb on traffic in illegal drugs. The controversial issues attached to the Republican state’s law created conflict between the state and the federal governments. Now, the latter is slated to challenge the state authority in front of District Judge, Susan Bolton, just before the Arizona’s immigration law is all set to take its effect on August 29.

Reportedly, the US federal Justice Department filed the case against the Arizona legislation, claiming that it may infringe the constitution and foreign policy of the United States. Since the federal authorities do not want the Arizona immigration law to deliver a negative message, thereby creating a bad image for the nation as a whole. Immigration has been an issue in the US of late, however, the federal authorities are not denying that immigrants play a very important role in building the US community. These people are an integral part of the nation and they take active part in generating revenues in the US economy.

There are various groups that have already raised their voices against the Arizona immigration law. Now, it is time for the federal authorities to take the action. It would be interesting to know the court’s decision on this regard!

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