Obama Speaks out on Immigration!

In one of the interviews given by the US President Barack Obama, thrashed all the various approaches to reform pertaining to immigration. He called these approaches as being a demagogue, a national problem. He also held on to the suit filed on the controversial immigration law in Arizona. This clearly tells that such measures which are highly controversial in nature, the final decision lies under the clause of supremacy of the constitution. The president was against the approach which is being considered as political opportunism, especially when it came to the law pertaining to Arizona.

With the Arizona’s Immigration Law in place, the local police authorities would be given the right to verify the status of the individual who is suspected of being undocumented. More so, with such a law in place, it would be a crime for the undocumented migrants to work in the state.

Regarding the law suit being filed, the Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer said that the final decision would be taken by the Supreme Court. She said this when a recent decision regarding the law was taken where in some of the major portions of the law were blocked. More so, there was a recent enjoinment against certain parts of the law and an appeal was filed to the Ninth Circuit.

In addition to the above, an Opinion Research poll which was brought out last week showed that about fifty five percent of the Americans favor the Arizona Immigration law. Another fifty four percent of the respondents feel that this would lead to the Latino Americans being treated unfairly.

Another similar poll which was restricted to Arizona projected that sixty five percent of the respondents approve of the law where as only twenty seven percent do not approve of it.

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