Obama Termed Socialist!

President Barack Obama has been targeted by Tom Tancredo, a former Republican Congressman where in he made certain contentious remarks regarding the procedures for immigration and voting during his opening speech in Nashville at the National Tea Party. The event took place on 4th February 2010.

Mr. Tancredo spoke about a poll tax return for all those who intend to vote. He suggested that all the voters must pay these tax returns. With this, he also said that literacy tests should be made mandatory for all the potential voters.

He added that the country is becoming highly multicultural when it comes to work. According to him, too much of multiculturalism could divide the country depriving it of its unique entity. Mr. Tancredo was agreed upon by the Mr. Judson Phillips who is the man behind the Tea Party Nation. Both considered Obama being a socialist.

According to Mr. Phillip, the term socialist has a totally different connotation in the political system of America. The term has a lot of negative influence attached to it. More so, it has a very specific meaning in the American political scenario. And it is something that no one would like to be stamped with since it implies a particular belief. These remarks have drawn enough attention in the form of rage from the conservatives as well as the liberals.

All in all, the Obama administration has sure brought in its own set of amends. Just like any other aspect, change always faces criticism in the beginning. If the right changes have been brought about, it sure would be accepted at a later stage. However, time would tell the output of these amends.

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