Certain Obligations and Conditions for Visa Holders of Subclass 489

Once you obtain the subclass 489 visa, you have reason to celebrate as it grants you live and work in Australia. Several obligations and conditions have been set for visa holders (of subclass 489), and required to be followed. If you already know such obligations and conditions, it will make you comfortable to adapt yourself in the new environment in Australia.

If you have applied the said visa from your native country and obtained successfully, the Australia immigration department will let you know when you can access Australia. Besides, you and your dependents are eligible to avail following mentioned privileges.

  1. Live and work in the specified location in the country on temporary basis
  2. Frequent travel inside or outside the country
  3. Study in the specified designated area of Australia
  4. Right to apply for permanent residence through the Skilled Regional (Residence) Visa (subclass 887) after meeting certain conditions

Apart from that, the visa holders are liable to follow various obligations that have been described below;

Sponsored by state or territory

People who are nominated by the Australian state or territory are bound to fulfill following criteria.

  1. Must stay in the state or territory for a minimum two years
  2. In case of changing their address, they need to inform the state or territory
  3. Must have to complete the survey and provide the information when asked

Sponsored by relatives or family members

If you get an opportunity to be nominated by your family members or relatives, in this case, you need to stay and work in the specified area of the country. In order to obtain a permanent resident status, you need to be able to prove that you have spent the required time period in the specified area.

Must obey the Australian laws and visa requirements

The principle applicants and their dependents must have respect for the Australian laws and able to fulfill visa requirements. If they don’t comply with the Australian laws, they may face following obstacles.

a) The visa of an individual and their dependents may be cancelled
b) They will not be granted to apply further for another provisional Skilled Regional Sponsored visa
c) They may not be able to apply for permanent residence

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