How to Obtain Canada Express Entry Visa Effortlessly

Canada Express Entry Visa

Do you want to make it BIG abroad and permanently live in the ‘Land of Unlimited Opportunities’, Canada using the Express Entry Visa path? If yes, this article is for you! You will get some useful information here and feel empowered to embark on your overseas journey. So check i!

Canada Express Entry Visa
Canada Express Entry Visa

Thousands of migrants from around the world dream of securing a visa in the country and living and working there in permanently. As the overseas hotspot features an excellent economy, huge diversity, friendly laws and lucrative opportunities, it is one of the most preferred destinations in the world when it comes to immigration.

Luckily, the government of the country is seeking skilled migrants and professionals who can be a part of the nation’s economy and work in their companies. If you are also planning to migrate to the Maple Leaf Country, read this article to understand how you can easily secure a visa and get your foot in the hotspot for a better future!

Launched in 2015, the hugely popular and widely used visa scheme allows the easy migration of the trained manpower, allowing them to live and work freely in the country and contribute to its economy. With this type of visa, you can also apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in the later stages, followed by a citizenship as well. The best part about the nation is its lack of skilled population, thereby opening a huge gap and potential for the qualified professionals from other parts of the world to immigrate to it.

If you are wondering how to get started with the immigration process, the first step is to choose which specific visa subclass or category suits your immigration the most.

Below are the three visa programmes, namely –

  1. Federal Skilled Trades Programme – It is suitable for the immigrants who want to utilize their work experience and skills to become a permanent resident in the country.
  2. Federal Skilled Workers Programme – It is appropriate for the immigrants who have the desired skill or work experience to fill in for the shortage in the nation.
  3. Canada Experience Class – It is suitable for the overseas migrants who have stayed in the nation for a time period and have the desired skills and work experience to contribute to its economy and make it better and more competitive in the world.

With these particular visa programmes, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) wants to transform and simplify the immigration process into a responsive and time-saving manner than before. It follows a point based system wherein every applicant is awarded certain points on the basis of the various criteria. The migrants with higher points have better chances to secure a Canada Express Entry Visa and live and work in the country.

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