Obtain Canada Permit, Immigrate to Famous Immigration Hotspot!

Canada is a well developed and affluent country in the world. Also known as the Maple Leaf Country, the nation is famous for excellent standards of life with high human development. It attracts the maximum number of migrants from all across the globe.

There are many routes for Canada Permit which can help an alien to be the part of this world class country. A visa to the nation is mainly of three types. It can be a Single Entry Visa which gives the permission to enter once only and the validity of this visa is for 6 months only. Then there is Multiple Entry Visa. It allows the migrant to enter as many times as he wants. A Transit Visa is valid for few hours only. All these three types of permits facilitate the entrance.

Another opening to this country can be gained through Study Permits. These visas are meant for those who are not the citizen of the nation but want to study in this country. Scholars from all over the world seek to get this permit and gain quality education in the country. This permit allows them to get hold of Temporary Residence Visa which is issued automatically as soon as the student enters the country.

The right to offer education rests with the different provinces, and the standard of education is set by the territories. The student must be accepted by the many Canadian institutions before applying for a visa under this category. Approximately, 6 months are taken for arranging the necessary documents along with planning and moving ahead to get the prized Canada Permit.

Thousands of workers migrate to country to work in different fields and occupations. A migrant need to obtain a job offer from a Canadian employer even as the same allows him to enter in the country, for work purposes. This work permit is issued by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) which allows the worker to work for specific time, and for the particular job for which he may have applied for.

Temporary resident visa also facilitate the entry. A separate application has to be submitted along with the necessary documents while applying for this visa. HRDSC’s (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada) decision is final as regard to confirmation of the job. This visa makes the progress of spouse and dependent children smooth. There is no need whatsoever to submit other applications. The names of these people can be included in the same application while applying for a Temporary Resident Permit.

In addition to these permits, the CIC has introduced a new Canada Permit to those international students who have also worked in the Maple Leaf Country. This work experience helps them to boost up the immigration process. Under this category, the experience of the candidate, along with the acquaintance of labor market, and his language skills, prove additional benefits which will help them to move to the nation with a legal permit.

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