Obtain UK Visa Without Leaving Your House!

Are you keen to immigrate to the UK but do not have the time to go to the nearest UK Consular Office or visa application centre, for submitting the application? Do not worry! Now it is possible to successfully submit an application for the UK immigration sitting right inside in the comfort of your house!

Sounds unbelievable, but it’s 100% true! Yes, presently you can receive a visa from home! And, making this possible is the newly launched Demand Mobile Visa service. This path-breaking visa processing service has been introduced by the VFS Global and the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).

The highly useful service provides the candidates with an opportunity to present their UK Visa forms, together with biometric data, from the comfort of their home. While the charge of the UK on-demand service is 750 British Pounds, for a maximum of 10 aspirants, the same is in addition to the UK Visa cost.

Who Gains by the UK Visa Programme?

The latest visa plan will allegedly prove rather valuable for big groups and high net worth people, keen to move to the widely preferred overseas destination.

Big groups include students, corporate workers or the members of film production unit who don’t wish to make a trip to the UK visa application centers. To say that’s something wonderful for high net worth people and large groups–aiming to go to the immigration destination–will not be wrong.

On-demand Mobile Visa Service–What Exactly It Is?

It’s basically a UK Visa service which will offer a UK Visa or a visa for the countries of Europe, minus even leaving one’s home even as the handy service has reportedly been launched across India for the UK Visas.

Apart from this, some particular Schengen countries–including Hungary & Denmark–have stated their wish for this extraordinary visa service. The starting cost for this visa service is 750 Pounds for 10 guests (arriving in a group). Any incremental visitor shall get charged roughly 75 Pounds in addition.

This special visa service is accessible for every class of the visa applications, excluding UK long-term Student Visas, with the reason being the long-term Student Visas necessitate a video interview with the concerned immigration authorities of the nation.

Proposals are to give the much talked about visa-on-demand service for individuals as well. But, presently no decision has been taken on the price structure.

Great for Those Residing in Towns

Allegedly, the out-of-the-ordinary visa application service is excellent for those staying in towns which do not have a center. Such candidates have to go to the nearest city where a UK visa application bureau is located. It takes roughly one complete day.

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