Opt for the Occupation of Dentist in Canada under Federal Skilled Category

Canada, the Maple Country under its skilled migration program, is offering a number of employment opportunities.  If you are interested in migrating to this beautiful country as a professional Dentist, then here is good news for you. At present, the job outlook for your occupation in Canada is very positive.

The occupation of Dentist is on the 29 eligible occupations list of Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker category.  The country will accept maximum 500 applications for this position, with an average cap of 10,000 applications.

As a professional Dentist, there are certain duties and responsibilities that you have to perform, which include:

  • Examining gums, teeth and surrounding tissues of the patients to identify the disease, decay and injury and planning suitable treatment for that
  • Restoring, extracting and replacing decayed and damage teeth
  • Performing oral surgical treatment, periodontal surgery and other such treatments
  • Cleaning of teeth and instructing patients regarding oral cleanliness
  • Designing bridgework, fitting dentures and providing appliances to correct odd teeth and jaw positioning, or providing instructions or prescriptions for fabrication to use by denturists and oral technicians.
  • Supervising oral hygienists, assistants and other personnel.
  • Dentists can be specialized in some areas like oral and maxillofacial surgical treatment, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, oral pathology, prosthodontics, dental radiology or public health dentistry.

While there is an urgent need for Dentists across Canada, some of its provinces have high demand for this profession, which include: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island.

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