One Million Dollar Prize for Reducing Population Growth in Australia!

Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith announced a new award of $ 1 million named as Wilberforce Award to any young Australian under the age of thirty who can come up with an idea on how to control the population growth of the country. Announcing this award on Wednesday in Sydney’s financial district, he said that the contender for the award must be able to impress him with his idea which can help in improving consumption growth-obsessed economy of the country.

The population of Australia is growing by 2.1 percent every year which would double in next thirty years. If the growth of the population would continue to grow at this rate, then in next two hundred years, Australia will be having a population of one billion people. Mr. Smith is quite popular for his publicity stunts and this time he chooses beautiful blonde models and a dog to add glamour while announcing his award.

He also expressed his opinion on the issues of immigration with the press and media people. He said that he want Australia Immigration must reduce the intake of foreign nationals coming into the country every year. The intake must be cut down to seventy thousands per year from two-eighty thousands immigrants entering to the country every year. So this time he decided that he will choose to vote for that party which will promise to introduce aviation reforms.

His statements were questioned by some reporters who categorized him as being racist for making such comments. He clarified by saying that to maintain the stability within the nation, it is important to reduce the immigration within the country.

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